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KIPPY, the new collector for cigarette ends

Press Notice

Official Press Notice

KIPPY, the new collector for cigarette ends, now puts conventional standing ashtrays in the shade. Its functionality helps provide cleanliness in the city environment and saves on cleaning costs.

Anyone walking around a city soon notices one thing above all others: cigarette ends lying on the ground - as far as the eye can see and the nose can smell. But the urban scene is not only marred by tabacco remains on pavements, at bus-stops, railway stations or the entrances to fairs and exhibitions. Overflowing standing ashtrays at the entrances to company premises or close to lifts, often filled with other rubbish, make a very unattractive sight and can lead to a feeling of  revulsion on the part of the observer.

But from now on there is an attractive solution to this ever-present problem, a solution which will also save on public cleaning costs. KIPPY, "the end of every cigarette". The attractively-shaped collector with the easily-recognised KIPPY International Design can be used both in outdoor and indoor areas. Users of these efficient collection columns include not only city administrations, exhibition companies, shopping centres and property management companies; they are now also used by restaurants, car park operators, banks and private businesses.

The Classic-Version of the smart design container comes in two colours. Its dimensions of 140x140x730 millimetres and the fitted input pipe, shaped like a cigarette, means that Kippy immediately grabs the attention of every smoker. The pipe diameter of 19 millimetres prevents foreign objects such as paper or packaging being thrown into the container.

If KIPPY has been bolted down, then it is securely fastened and cannot be tipped over. For special ways of securing the feature see under mounting alternatives . Further, the product is made entirely of high-grade steel, coated with plastic powder, and so is indestructible.

And KIPPY works so easily: The user throws the burning cigarette end into the pipe. The burning tobacco end is then extinguished inside the container, due to the prevailing lack of oxygen there. A hermetic seal prevents unpleasant odours permeating to the outside. So KIPPY turns out to be a friend for both smokers and non-smokers.

What the press has to say about us

Neue Presse (15.05.1999)
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Die Tabak Zeitung (11.06.1999)
For smokers and non-smokers
Zigaretten-Sammelbehälter "KIPPY" sorgt für mehr Sauberkeit

Lebensmittelzeitung (01.10.1999)
Container for cigarette ends
Under the name "KIPPY" a new container forcigarette ends provides more cleanliness.

TASPO (05.11.1999)
Refuse container: the end of every cigarette

Weser Kurier (02.12.1999)
Savings bank hands over "Kippy" to the 'am Stephanitor' school

Stadt und Gemeinde (11.12.1999)
"Kippy" cleans up cigarette ends

Bremen Magazin (Mai 2000 Nr.201)
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AHGZ Allgemeine Hotel- und Gaststättenzeitung (19.08.2000 Nr.34)
Kippy International Design
Disposing of cigarette ends

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KIPPY cleans up

Handel & Gewerbe (10.08.2000 Nr.32)
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"Kippy" cleans up cigarette ends

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