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International Design

KIPPY, the new collector for cigarette ends

Mounting Alternatives


Standard mounting

(automatically supplied if no other mounting alternative is specified)

There will be no problem in mounting the KIPPY with the help of the hole template provided and with the plugs and screws available





Base-foundation for concreting in

The base-foundation is set in concrete and aligned. Once the concrete is dry, the KIPPY
can be bolted down.  It is then as steady "as a rock".





Base plate in granite

The KIPPY is secured to the plate with the bolts provided.





Base plate in granite for setting in concrete

This is the strongest way of mounting KIPPY.  The base plate and Kippy are secured to the bracket which has been set in concrete.





Wall bracket for concreting in

An interesting alternative. KIPPY - simply mount on the wall with the plugs and screws
provided. Please note - the underside of this KIPPY is bevelled off.